Four Lesson Series
This series is great for the golfers that are not certain how much time they are going to have to give their swing.  This series can be credited towards the ten lesson series. PRICE  $300.00

Ten Lesson Series – The Best Value for the Serious Student
This is the best deal for the serious golfer to really work on their game. You may have these sessions at anytime you like and as often as needed. We will work on all aspects of the game.  The video teaching system will be used extensively for this lesson series.
PRICE  $700.00

Standard Private Lesson
This lesson involves a one-on-one session with Bob who will examine your entire golf swing.  Using a number of teaching aids, Bob will diagnose problems in your swing and prescribe the remedy needed to improve your swing.  This private lesson includes a lesson sheet that lists your present swing mechanics and details the areas you need to work on and practice.  The standard lesson is highly recommended for all skill levels.
PRICE: $100.00

Playing Lesson
This lesson emphasizes playing strategy and the many different situations you come across while playing.
PRICE: $400.00  Includes cart and greens fee

Video Lesson
This lesson includes a one-on-one session with Bob using state of the art video equipment that will record and playback your golf swing.  View your swing in regular, slow and stop action.  This is the same equipment used by Butch Harmon, the Instructor to Tiger Woods and Greg Norman.  After the diagnosis, Bob will prescribe the remedies needed to help you improve your golf swing.
PRICE: $100.00  Includes videotape and lesson tee sheet.